You Don’t Have To Categorize Your Parenting Style: Choose Organic Shampoo AND A Bumbo

New parents have so many choices to make: Vaccinate or not? Cloth or disposable diapers?  Organic or conventional?  Attachment parenting or non-attachment parenting?  The thing is, you don’t have to categorize yourselves.  Just because you choose organic cloth diapers doesn’t mean you have to choose all organic products.  Do what works for you and your baby.

Trust Your Instincts

It’s easy for parents to get lost in a sea of “expert” advice.  That’s why I’m here to tell you to trust your instincts first and foremost.  For example, if your instinct is to spend a bit more on organic shampoo, or organic clothing, but still use disposable diapers.  So be it.  You may absolutely hate the idea of the Bumbo Baby Sitter seat (a contraption that allows parents to be hands-free by holding their baby  “upright” before they are physically capable of sitting upright on their own).   Your instincts tell you, “My baby just looks uncomfortable in that thing…I can wait until they sit up on their own.”  But also, don’t feel hypocritical should you decide to use a walker at times for your baby, even though walkers are also theorized to actually delay babies’ ability to walk on their own.

Stand For What You Believe In

If you are unsure about vaccines, and your pediatrician is strong-arming you into following the typical vaccine schedule when you don’t feel comfortable about it, then it may be time to find a different pediatrician.  You need a doctor that will advise, of course.  But you also want them to make you comfortable and accommodate your needs and your baby’s needs.  Don’t give in to someone else just because they are an “authority.”  There are other authorities to choose from.

Process Info, But Make Your Decisions

I am not advocating just choosing things willy nilly.  I suggest you do some research on things, sit with it and process, and then listen to your heart to decide.    The idea here is that you are taking responsibility. You are not relying on someone else to choose for you.

Check Out The Flipside

You may find some information that tells you something, and you are convinced very quickly.  It’s a good idea to try to find the opposite argument to get some perspective.  For example, a lot of people will argue that organic is just too cost prohibitive, and doesn’t really make a difference.  Perhaps money is tight for you, so you take that argument and run with it.  But instead, perhaps you should ask, “Why might organic actually benefit my child and family?”  And you will find some answers (mainly, that it will remove more chemicals, pesticides and toxins from your baby’s contact, which has a long-term positive effect on their skin, immonological system and over-all health).

Change Your Mind If You Want To

It’s your prerogative to change course at any time.  No,  you probably don’t want to make it an overriding habit because it may be confusing for your child.  But you may use disposable diapers for a year and a half, and then decide that you don’t want to add any more of them to landfills.  So be it.  Change your mind.  If you go back to trusting your instincts, you will be confident enough to make these changes and all decisions.