Yoga for Kids

Children have a natural ability to be present in the moment. They express this ability when they play with zeal, laugh with exuberance, cry with emotion, and take pleasure in life. Teachers, parents, and peers tend to get children to conform and expect them to be involved in cliques and groups. Conformity can dull their ability to be present in the moment. It also mutes their ability to express one’s own emotions. However, kids that learn yoga discover a way to maintain the ability to feel the moment. Yoga for kids enables an ability that can continue for their entire life.

Yoga for children is like yoga for adults in principle, but different in presentation. The yoga postures and yoga poses are taught in a way that children understand. Through yoga children can develop the skill to be still – this will help them to be in touch with the moment and benefit as they grow up. They will know how to be still without toys or other entertainment devices. They can reach adolescence and adulthood with a tool that will allow them to be in present moment and the ability to be still. The benefit of the yoga postures and poses will also continue to help them develop inner peace.

A way to develop a yoga program for kids is to introduce it as a class and reinforce it at home. Practices can be enjoyable experiences for youth. For example, children can be encouraged to shut their eyes and imagine a bubble or a sailboat. Outside yoga class, lead them through a stroll in the grass or sand with bare feet and ask them to describe how it feels. These experiences reassure them that they are the master of their mind. Yoga for kids is designed to help children realize that their mind and body are connected. A parent is the ideal teacher for the ability to recognize moments connecting mind and body. A professional yoga instructor is help full for teaching the yoga postures. The two need to work in synergy with one another.

A child who develops the skill to be in touch with body, spirit, and mind will have an enhanced life. In school, they will have the advantage of understanding what it is to be peaceful and still, learning to control their responses to the outside world. They will better understand the levels of spirituality and responsibility. Learning yoga is benefit that children will be appreciative from their entire life.

Yoga classes for kids can be found in local studios, through DVDs or yoga classes online.