Working as an Online Tutor

Were you the math whiz in class, or could balance chemistry equations faster than anyone else?  A perfect online job for you is tutoring.  There is always a market for qualified tutors and the internet makes it easier than ever to connect those who need help with those that have the skills to help.
Hours are very flexible for tutoring.  You set your own schedule and you don’t have to keep the same schedule each week.    The hardest part is passing the application process.  All of the reputable sites require you to pass screening exams, background checks and proof of credentials.  All require at least current enrollment in an accredited college or university, if not a bachelor’s degree or higher.
You must be able to take complex concepts and make them accessible and understandable to students.  This is probably the most important skill.  The students being tutored vary in age from elementary age through high school.  You get paid based on how many hours or lessons you teach.  Sometimes the sessions won’t last a full hour.  In this case, some sites allow “rollover” of the unused time to the next meeting.  This doesn’t really qualify as full-time work; most are looking for between 5-20 hours per week.
This is one of the ways to make money online that requires a bit more skill and experience.  Previous tutoring experience is certainly a plus for this job.  It is certainly more rewarding that other types of work and if education is in your future this is invaluable work experience.  A lot can be learned from the way others think and you may be surprised that it gives you a better appreciation, and understanding of the subject material.  This is a great job for students because of the flexible hours and potential for more consistent income compared to other online jobs.