Working a Night Job

While working through the night sounds brutal to some, to others it’s a great way to make more money and manage family time better. Here are a few good things about working the night shift:

1. You’ll probably make a little more money than your daytime counterparts. Most companies will pay a percentage more for night work, usually anywhere from 5 to 20 percent.

2. You might be able to advance faster since there might be less competition.

3. If you want to learn more and develop in your profession, you might be able to focus more and get more done in a shift at night rather than a day shift. There are typically fewer meetings and less of a presence by the ‘higher ups’.

4. You might be able to swing more time with your family and potentially save on childcare.

5. There will be less traffic to deal with on the way to work if you’re heading in at an odd hour. This also means you’ll be off when most everyone else will be working, so errands are easier and the grocery store will be less crowded.

woking a night job

woking a night job

Here are a few survival tips:

1. When the weekend comes, try to get on your families schedule as soon as possible. It’ll be tough to stay up the first full day, but if you can swing it you’ll have more ‘normal’ time with them before Monday rolls around.

2. Eat normal healthy meals. It’s tempting to eat strange or unhealthy meals when you’re on a different schedule than everyone else. Try to eat a normal, healthy meal before your shift and bring healthy snacks with you.

3. Use black out curtains or blinds and stick to your normal sleep rituals no matter what time you go to bed.

4. Try not to withdraw from normal life activities just because your schedule is different than everyone else’s. Make time for friends, regular exercise and family activities.