The Wooden Highchair: Retro Charm and Long Lasting Durability

Without a doubt, the major tend these days is for people to purchase a plastic highchair for their children in an attempt to save money.  While there’s nothing at all wrong with being a budget conscious parent, especially in these troubling financial times, it’s not always the case that cheaper will be better for you in the long run.  Let’s take a look at some of the relative advantages of a wooden highchair over the plastic counterparts.

Starting on the most practical end of the equation, wooden high chairs are simply better constructed and sturdier than plastic ones.  Lacking the flimsy joints of the cheaper models, a wooden chair will provide the time tested strength of solid wood, giving you a lot of peace of mind as a new parent who doesn’t know quite what to expect in terms of child safety considerations.  A plastic chair, on the other hand, may not be the best choice since it will have been constructed on an assembly line in a place where construction standards may or may not be up to par with what they should be.

wooden high chair

wooden high chairs

In addition to the safety benefits, wooden high chairs also represent an investment since they have so much retro appeal.  You won’t see to many people handing down plastic high chairs through the generations as if they were some great family heirloom.  Wooden chairs do not have this problem.  In other words, the sturdier and more reliable the material, the more likely the chair itself will last well through multiple childhoods.  There’s a lot to say for spending a little more up front and getting a product that may never have to be replaced!  This effect is multiplied when you consider how many excellent Amish-built products that are available on the market thanks to the internet.  That community is known for a very high standard of wood working quality, so don’t overlook this option when you’re doing your shopping for a wooden highchair!