Teach Your Child to Ride With a Wooden Balance Bike

What if children could safely be taught to ride a bike without training wheels? What if parents didn’t have to run along behind them and hope they did not make a mistake by removing the wheels too soon? There is an answer to this problem: the wooden balance bike, an innovation that promises to be a prized possession for parents and their children between the ages of two and five. These bicycles look just like real bikes, but they have no chains or pedals. Since children use only their feet for momentum and they stay on the ground, the fear of falling is eliminated. Because the bicycles are easily adapted to individual leg lengths and heights, children learn to ride automatically. By taking the first few steps, which give the buoyancy of a short ride, children learn balance and coordination. As they gain more confidence, they begin to run and lift their feet for longer periods of time. Meanwhile, if they begin to wobble, they have the ability to balance themselves against the floor.

Another big advantage of wooden balance bikes for children is that no adult instruction or supervision is required. Children naturally know how to make them work. Although they are now being made in metal, the wooden version has long been a classic in European countries. Wood is not only more eco-friendly, but it is also sturdy enough to survive rough and tumble use. Besides, wooden toys have a way of becoming beloved childhood treasures. These bikes come in a variety of styles, such as classic, chopper, and police that make them even more cherished.

From a wooden balance bike, the transition to a real bicycle goes smoothly because the necessary skills have already been acquired without the danger of spills. Knowing their children have already accomplished the necessary coordination, balance, and confidence, parents can relax and just enjoy watching the pleasure in their little ones’ eyes as they ride off on their real bikes.