The Classy Wooden Baby Gate

The wooden baby gate is not only solid and sturdy it is also stylish. Most baby gates are made of plastic which can be possibly be not as stable and certainly not as eye appealing as a beautiful wooden gate. Although safety should be the key factor in choosing a baby gate, the look of the baby gate is also important. Most baby items or baby furniture is made of white plastic or sometimes bright bold colors which stick out like a sore thumb in the home. The wooden baby gate often blends into the decor of the home and actually adds style to the room.

Wooden baby gates come in multiple finishes making it easy to match the trim or furniture already in the home. This is great for consumers who would rather have the baby furniture or kid items in the home coordinate, rather than stick out. Not only will the wooden baby gate blend in with he decor of the home, it will provide a solid barrier between the child and harmful places such as stairs.

A baby gate made of wood is more likely to last longer than a plastic gate. A plastic gate would be more likely to break from a child kicking it or a dog chewing on it. While a wooden gate could still get damaged by such abuse, it seems logical that it would with stain it better.

The durable wooden baby gate is roughly the same price as a plastic baby gate which really makes it a great choice. The wooden baby gate is more solid and definitely more eye appealing. There are multiple finishes to choose from and also many different models. Some models can be swung open with one hand while others are stationary and have to be completely removed to walk through the door way. Whichever model is chosen the interior decor of the home will not be comprised with the addition of a beautiful wooden baby gate.