Why Mothers Buy the Boppy Pillow

Mothers who have decided to nurse their children need a comfortable way of breastfeeding.  Many may find the comfort they need in a Boppy pillow.  This pillow not only provides the comfort mothers need as they feed their babies, but it also has other nice benefits for baby.

A Boppy cuddle pillow allows mom to comfortably and safely rest baby’s head as he or she nurses making the experience better for both.  Even if the mother is not breastfeeding and dad wants to help, the pillow is ideal as it relieves stress on the back, neck and shoulders by letting one sit in a more ergonomic position during feeding time for either parent.

The pillow has even more opportunities for baby as he or she continues to grow and develop.  This pillow is designed to fit any waistline since it is fitted with a Miracle Middle stretch panel.  Yet, the pillow keeps its shape.

The recessed interior lets smaller babies relax in a propped position when he or she is still not big enough to hold up the body.  Babies can also sit on their stomachs and build some upper body strength in the process.  Furthermore, the Boppy pillow can help assist the babies as they learn to crawl.

When babies are able to sit up, the cuddle pillow gives them a comfortable nest that offers any other needed support.  So whether babies are feeding, playing or relaxing, this cuddly pillow fits any need.

Parents also have additional benefits since they can choose a pillow to match their home décor.  In fact, mom and dad can build a pillow of their choice.  Perhaps one of the best features of the Boppy pillow is that they start at just around $20 for a bare pillow, giving parents options with the various slipcovers available.