Why Families Love Their Gelert Horizon 6 Tent

Camping together with family members has become a fast growing trend these days. Families who have a great love foe the outdoors choose to bring a Gelert Horizon 6 tent with them whenever they engage in outdoor activities. Why do many families choose to bring this Gelert tent? What is in this tent that most families love? For large groups like families who go camping, the space of the camping tent is a very important factor to consider. This type of tent can provide the space that families need.

The Gelert Horizon 6 is roomy and can house at least six people. If your family has six members including yourself, you will find this tent to be a good choice for you. The large space inside this Gelert tent is one of the major reasons why families love this tent. Its interior space measures 230×220. Aside from that, campers can also stand without having to slouch for the tent has a 205cm head room. This means that individuals who are six feet tall won’t have a problem standing inside the tent. There are also other incredible features of this type of tent that makes is well loved by families.

When it comes to the sleeping area, the Gelert Horizon 6 tent has rooms which are good enough for the entire family. To help split the space inside the tent, the tent has a 2 room flap which turns the sleeping area into two separate spaces. Each of these rooms can enable three people to sleep in it. This feature provides more privacy to campers and helps make them sleep better. To provide good ventilation to the tent during the night, it has a window flap inside and a cover that is water-resistant. Since the tent only has weighs 21kg, it will not be difficult to carry by just one person. This Gelert tent is really amazing and can help make your camping experience an unforgettable one.