Why Cell Phone Plans Are Unfair To Businesspersons Who Travel

As an international businessperson, I understand the needs of the traveler who racks up millions of frequent flyer miles every year as we travel for work.  We have been in hundreds of airports in hundreds of small towns.  We eat fast food and fine cuisine.  We know the hotels and motels employees by name.  We are the American businessman and businesswoman who fly the friendly skies spending more time on the road than we do at home.  What we need is a new cell phone plan that we do not have to pay an arm, leg, and half a paycheck to maintain.

Making Travel Easier

Find the traveling businessperson a cheap cell phone no contract can tie down and he will be a happier person.  We are always on the lookout for cheap cell phones for sale that will make our lives easier and travel less expensive.  Paying extra charges because we sometimes leave our service area does not work for us.

Unfair Fees

I could buy a cell phone company with the money I have paid for roaming, out of service area fees, and lost cheap cell phones.  The last time I lost my cell phone the Google cell phone tracker found it behind the seat of a rental car almost a thousand miles away.  Cheap cell phones with tracking technology are almost a necessity when you travel hundreds of thousands of miles per years.

Unlock the Phones

The best phones for us would be the cheap cell phones unlocked so that they can be used anywhere in the world.  On any given day, the business traveler may be hundreds of miles out of his or her service area.  It just does not seem fair that we should have to pay so much more to conduct our business.  If you really want to be fair, invent cheap cell phones that do not bind us to a contract that only applies to others and not to us.