When To Use Heartgard Plus

Many Dog owners are unsure just how often they need to use Heartgard Plus. Here we will take a look at just how often we should really use it.

We only need to use a heartworm medicine of there are mosquitoes present. Our Dogs can only be infected by them so if there are no mosquitoes then they are quite safe. For colder areas they are never active and in places with a harsh winter we certainly do no need to use them at that time. What we will probably find is that when the weather is warm there are mosquitoes. It is then that we should use Heartgard Plus for Dogs.

Heartgard Plus For You Dog

When Should You Use Heartgard Plus For You Dog?

This will ensure that our pets are totally safe and will never develop adult heartworms that can be so dangerous. If we live in areas that have lots of standing water then we should use the heartworm medication. We can find cheap Heartgard plus relatively easily so it does not mean a large expense.

We will use it for the main season when mosquitoes are present and it is also recommended to use for a month before and after the main season as well. But if we live somewhere where we get mosquitoes all of the year then it is wise to protect our Dogs all year. But we must always ensure that we never give a treatment more than once a month. All the medications will act for this period of time so we do not need to use them more often than that unless we use a daily treatment which has now virtually been phased out anyway.

Never use Heartgard just because it is what you normally do. Only use it if there is a risk of heartworm infection, and this simply means the presence of mosquitoes. If they are not in the area then our pets are totally safe.