What To Do With Old Baby Clothes

Babies are like magnets for the love and care of the adults that surround them. It’s like, as soon as a baby comes, people just want to get them stuff, to make the baby happy, and turn it as cute a baby as possible. Some parents prioritize childproofing the home first, which is always a good thing, but some parents buy new born baby clothes first, to make sure that the baby is dressed comfortably, and properly, as soon as possible.

It’s important to remember, however, that newborns grow really fast, and soon, those cute, cuddly clothes will be of no use, because the baby has outgrown them already. But before deciding to simply throw the clothes out, here are some ideas that will extend the life, or the usefulness, of the used baby clothes.

The clothes can be saved for future use, that is, future babies’ use. If the parents still plan to have more children, this saves the family money that can be used for something else. The clothes can be reused, and if the style and color are fit for both genders, this will even be better. Or, the clothes could simply be stored, as mementos or a “growth chart” of sorts. However, don’t store all of the clothes, as this will just take up valuable home space.

Holding a yard sale for the neighborhood is also a good idea. There may be some neighbors having newborns of their own, who are looking to save money on clothes. It may be more comfortable for them to buy new clothes from people they already know, rather than off some thrift store or used items website.

Used baby clothes can also be lent, or swapped, with the used baby clothes of friends and colleagues. These friends may have children in need of clothes, or have used clothes of their own that can fit the parents’ child.

Lastly, the clothes can be donated to charity, to be used by less-fortunate children, or those in orphanages.