Wedding Videography Tips: How To Save Your Perfect Day On Film

When money is tight, and you plan to have a friend or family member handle recording your wedding or reception rather than hiring a professional, there are plenty of worries that may be causing some apprehension about the process.  Luckily, these wedding videography tips can take away your fears and help the person, or people, who are handling the videographer duties feel comfortable.  Who knows – he or she might enjoy the process so much that a new career is inspired.

Get Examples – Watch wedding videos.  You can find them online, or you may have friends or family members who can lend you copies.  Make notes about what you like, and what you don’t.  Take notice of camera position, and look for things that might be distracting or even disastrous.

Let Friends Help – If you have more than one camera savvy friend or relative, consider assembling an entire camera crew.  Video can be taken from different angles, and with just a little editing know how, clips can be meshed together to create professional results.  At the reception, invite people to take their own videos.  If you can, provide each table with a camera or assign a camera person to each table.  This way, you can enjoy people’s commentary and reactions after the bustle is through.

Visit The Venues – Bring your video crew to the place where you’ll be married, and if you can, to the place where the reception will be held as well.  If you’re being married in a church, temple, synagogue or mosque, be sure to talk with the presiding official about proper etiquette.  Sometimes earnest videographers can cause a distraction during religious ceremonies, and if propriety is important to you, then be sure your plans will work with the ceremony.

Look at camera angles, and practice if you can.  If you’re holding a wedding rehearsal, see if your camera crew can come along and practice filming.  This could make a big difference to the final outcome.

The Big Day – Talk with your camera person or people about the things that are most important to you.  It’s pretty much a given that friends and family members who offer to help will do their very best to give you a wonderful finished product.  Relax, and be natural.  Worrying will not make life easier, or better.  Most of all, trust the person or people you’ve placed behind the camera.  No matter what, you’re sure to enjoy the results.  Enjoy your wedding, and remember you’ve got a lot to look forward to in life.  No matter what the outcome, it is certain to be memorable and special in its own way.