Wedding Rings – Gold or Silver?

Do wedding rings symbolize the fetters worn by captive women in medieval times? Or are they simply a token exchanged as a sign of good faith and friendship? Does the never – ending circle of wedding rings stand for the never – ending circle of love? Whatever theory you follow, it would appear they are here to stay.

Wedding rings have their roots deep in history and the tradition of wearing your wedding band on the fourth finger of your left hand is from a Greek fable. The fable says that that finger has an artery running directly to you heart and so wedding rings are “in touch” with your heart. Science, unromantically, tells us that this is not the case however the wedding band tradition lives on.

In modern Greece the bride receives a silver wedding band while her bridegroom receives a gold wedding band. The higher value of the grooms’ wedding rings is to mark his superiority as husband.

Whatever the fables, myths or legends that surround the use of wedding rings they are still very popular with those getting married today. Many people have rings made to either compliment or to match their engagement rings. So rings come in a huge variety of styles and colors to suit everybody.

You can choose from silver, gold, titanium, platinum, you can choose hand braided, small rings, large rings, engraved rings, designer rings and much, much more. You can even design you own rings which is wonderful way to celebrate your marriage. You and your partner can choose matching rings or complimentary wedding rings. Receiving these wedding rings are really special, unforgettable moments that you can basically keep forever! Rings are not simply for wedding ceremonies. When a partner gives you with a gift just like a ring it simply makes you feel unique.