Ways To Change Your Life

How many times have you tried to improve your life and been unable to make any lasting changes? You move, quit your job, promise not to do something again, start a new activity/habit, and for some reason it just doesn’t last. With this little guide you will gain a good understanding of those things that are standing in your way of success.

You can change your life forever by changing your beliefs. Have you ever thought your not good enough for something? How do you feel about being able to sing? How about dancing? Playing an instrument? Buying a home? Getting that gorgeous guy/girl? Those thoughts you are having are called limiting beliefs. They are not the truth, they are the view you have accepted because of something that happened.

These beliefs can be changed by rewriting them into a more positive saying. Repeating this saying on a daily basis will overwrite the previous one. Two of my favorite sayings are:

I am good enough as I am.

This is probably the most important one I have ever read or written. In some manner or another we believe we are not good enough, so this helps to turn that around. You have everything necessary to have a great life.

I am doing the best I can.

We all are doing the best we can. Telling yourself this will help you to forgive yourself for things not being the way you think they should be. There is no reason to hate on yourself for what has not come to pass. In fact it may be a blessing that you didn’t get the guy or girl, job, or whatever else you thought you should have. Look at your life as it is and give thanks for what you do have. The mind to be able to take action and ways to change your life.