Washing a Hooded Towel

In order to wash the average hooded towel, you can quite easily toss it in to the washing machine, choose the cycle, and you’re good to go.  For certain novelty towels, however, more care is required when washing.  For instance, towels with features such as prints, pictures, or buttons should first be turned inside out before washing.  This is to prevent these more delicate details from getting scratched, stretched, or torn while in the washer.  Moreover, consistently turning your towels inside out can protect frills and decorations that are usually the first things to fray on these towels.

It is also important to keep in mind that before using them, all towels should get run through a wash cycle.  This is to ensure that all extra dyes left over from the manufacturing process are rinsed out, which will help to prevent these towels from bleeding onto other garments during future washes.  Moreover, washing towels before using them can help to prevent these towels from bleeding onto your skin when they first get wet.  An initial wash will also remove any chemicals from the manufacturing process, as well as any dirt, oils, or germs from contact with strangers in the store, so clearly it is a good idea to run all hooded childrens towels (if not all garments in general) through a first wash before you ever use them.

Hooded Towel Baby
In order to stop the many different colors from bleeding onto other parts of the towel, it is a good idea to wash your towels at low temperatures.  Generally, an ideal water temperature is between 30°-40°.  Despite these precautionary measures, you should not include any white garments in this initial wash.  When the cycle is finished, flip the towels right side out and lay them flat to dry.  If you wish your towels to be extremely soft, you can put them in the dryer, which will fluff them up like new.  If you take this advice, you and your kids can enjoy the soft comfort of these delightful hooded towels for years to come!