Wanting to Get Pregnant Fast

When couples decide to have baby, the first question that strikes their mind is how to get pregnant quickly. There are some misconceptions relating to this. However, the right procedures will help you to get paid a visit by the stork soon.

Having sex during the time of ovulation is necessary, but often women cannot ascertain the ovulation time precisely. So it is best to have sex few times a week to better your chances at getting pregnant quickly.

A common misconception is that performing sex after ovulation is important for getting pregnant. An egg lives for about twenty-four hours once it is released from ovaries whereas sperm after ejaculation can stay in a female body for days. It is thus necessary that making sex is started some three to four days prior to ovulation.

Ovulation chart is a method used to predict the most fertile period of a woman. While a chart can help, there is high chance that it is misread and may lead one to the wrong direction. Another such method is to use prediction kits. This is a better and more effective approach as the kit accurately predicts the hormone levels in the female body.

But when a woman decides to have a baby, she should at first pay a visit to the doctor. The doctor can furnish her with the right advice on how to get pregnant quickly.
A sexually transmitted disease or an infection can lower someone’s chances of getting pregnant. If such is the case, one should be properly treated and should take the prescribed medication.

Sex positions are also necessary. It should be seen that the sperm enters the vagina in a way that it stays there for the longest possible time. Putting a pillow under the woman or using the missionary position is the best ploy and will increase the chances of the woman getting pregnant.

Even with all the best information, it seems there remains an element of luck involved with fertility and becoming pregnant.