Wall Art Helps Kids Learn About Creativity

If you have kids and also walls that are conspicuous for their absence of decoration, think for a moment of the opportunity that you are forfeiting by not exposing them to some of the most creative efforts that man has ever undertaken. Cheap wall art is available in the form of nice framed prints that are virtually identical to priceless pieces hanging in museums all over the world.

For the cost of movie tickets you could provide your kids with very high quality artistic stimulation that is sure to get their young minds working on their own creative projects. The value of this cannot be overstated for children, as impressionable as they are, as any encouragement they feel towards producing little works of art themselves can only be healthy for them.

A good approach might be to start with pieces of art from different periods. Purchase a Monet from the Impressionist period, something by Michelangelo or Leonardo from the renaissance, then maybe something from the modern period like an Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock. Be prepared for questions especially about modern art, as it tends to be characterized by a reevaluation of just what art is. Questions like these are like starting your childrens’ liberal arts education early.

As far as cost goes, ask yourself if the benefits of having cheap pieces of art on your walls for years as a long-term aesthetic investment isn’t worth it, when you consider the money that you spend on other discretionary purchases each month, such as dinners at restaurants, the enjoyment of which is gone within an hour. It’s very easy to shop smart for wall decorations simply by waiting for seasonal clearance sales or after Christmas sales. Viewing these purchases as an investment in your children that will pay dividends for them for the rest of their lives should make it easier to do.