Venetian masquerade masks, how to make your own

The first thing to take into consideration when you are constructing cheap masquerade masks is that things tend to get a little messy, especially if there are children helping you out so it is always advisable to cover your work surface of choice with some kind of protective sheet. If you have nothing available then perhaps you could cut a dustbin liner in half and use this as a makeshift protective sheet, it is better to be safe than sorry as they say!

Making your Venetian masquerade masks is going to take at least three to four days; this is not a process that can be rushed. Each time you add a layer of paper mache to your masquerade masks base it will take up to 24 hours to dry so please be prepared to leave everything in place for this length of time or risk losing the shape of your mask when you move it.

The first item you will need to begin the masquerade masks construction is a roll of tinfoil, I like to use a thicker brand so that it holds its shape more easily when you come to layer it with the paper mache. Tear away a length of foil that is around double the width of your face and then fold it in half, mold the foil to the general shape that you would like the mask to be, over your face. If you are using a thinner brand try tripling the width you tear off, this will help if you think it is going to lose shape later on in the process. Best to get it right now, than have to start again when you have made preparations to start applying paper mache.

I will assume for the purpose of this article that you have knowledge of how to make a paper mache mix for your masquerade masks. If you don’t, don’t worry as there are plenty of places on the internet that will give you a quick demonstration of how to carry out this simple procedure. I would prefer not to go into it during this article so as not to sidetrack from the main theme so apologies to those of you who are not familiar with the technique.

You need to being very gentle when putting the first layer of paper mache onto the bases for the masquerade masks, it is a good idea to also cover the inner portion of the masks to protect your face from any sharp aluminum edges. Try to lay the newspaper layers in a crisscross type of pattern. This will make your masks stronger. Repeat this step another 3-4 times or until your masks seem to be sturdy enough. Remember that you must allow each new layer to dry completely before beginning the next application.

If you would like a smoother finish to your Venetian masquerade masks you can fill in any rough areas or dips with some paper mache pulp which should be thicker than you would usually make it. While this takes a little longer the final product will be far more pleasing if you are looking for a more professional look.

Once your cheap masquerade masks are completely dry you can begin to decorate, this is the really fun part so use your imagination! Glitter, tinsel, feathers and paint are just a few of the things you could start to think about putting onto your masquerade masks. Try making the eyebrows stand out with little paper mache balls for example, the ideas are endless.

I hope you found this article helpful, bear it in mind at other times like Halloween. If you have children they will love taking part in this activity, especially the part where they get to help decorate the mask. Also bear it in mind for social occasions like fancy dress parties, going to a slipknot concert soon? You catch the drift! 😀 The process has many more applications than just masquerade masks.