Valentines Crafts with Paper Doilies

Most people really appreciate homemade Valentines crafts, so lets make a Valentines doily hanging ornament. You will need to find red Valentines doilies if you can. If they are not available, round white doilies can be substituted. You will also need thread, needle and a glue stick. Protect your working surface if needed.

The ornament we are going to make is a heart in the round. You will need eight doilies to make the ornament. Fold each doily in half. Stack the Valentines crafts paper doilies so the folded edges are together. Now use the glue stick to glue each side of one doily to the next doily in the stack. When all the doilies are glued together, you will have created a fan-folded stack. Use needle and thread to loosely attach all the doilies at both ends of the fold, leaving the excess string at the top of the heart for hanging. Now glue the first and last doily to each other, to complete the circle. “Fluff” the doilies out so each is partially open.

As Valentine paper crafts go, this is pretty simple. If you cannot find heart shaped doilies, use round ones and add a pink or red heart to each doily before starting the stack and glue process. You can also add a sentimental saying to each doily before you begin the stack and glue process.

There are many other Valentines craft ideas available. All you need is the paper, scissors, glue and imagination. Look for ideas that are applied to other holidays and adapt them to Valentines crafts. Keep an eye out for suitable papers and laces all year long, and add them to a Valentine crafts box you use from year to year to hold the raw materials and ideas for Valentine’s Day. Then you will have most of what you need when mid-January or the first of February arrives to make another Valentine’s masterpiece.