Using Your Own Touches To Create Unique Wedding Cake Stands

When designing your wedding, keep in mind that you aren’t limited to the items found in stores.  They can make great bases, but you can add your own personal touches to create something no one else has.  When it comes to unique wedding cake stands, a single trip to a craft store can provide you with all the tools you need to make your own stand.

It’s important to choose a good base for your stand.  You’ll probably want to purchase a preexisting stand, but one that’s very basic.  Most stands are either round or square, and some have different levels and platforms for tiered cakes.  Wedding cake stands can be complex, but you’ll want a simple one to customize.  Make sure it’s large and sturdy enough to support the size and weight of your cake.  Besides adding another visual point of interest, your cake stand needs to keep the cake safe.

You can then work on decorating your stand.  You’ll start with the basic appearance.  Some people use pieces of fabric to give the cake a new look.  Satin and other shining fabrics create an elegant look, while chiffon and light fabrics make a softer appearance.  You can also use paint or glitter on the base of the cake as long as it won’t come into contact with anything that’s going to be eaten.

After doing the basic decorations, you can move on to smaller details.  Perhaps one of the all time most popular accents for a wedding cake stand is flowers.  Fake flowers can be purchased very inexpensively at almost any general merchandise or grocery store.  For an exciting natural touch, you can pick real flowers to attach to the base.  If you choose this route, you’ll have to find and fasten the flowers soon before the wedding so they don’t wilt while you’re waiting for the reception to start.

Other accents you can use on a wedding cake stand are ribbons, beads, pearls, and bows.  Anything else you find that you like can be incorporated in some way; the options are limitless.   Using the basic tools of glue, tape, and thread, you can create unique wedding cake stands that meet your desires perfectly.

Written by Chloe from William And Kate Royal Wedding Merchandise.