Unique and Treasured First Communion Gifts

The First Communion or the sacrament of the Eucharist is a momentous religious occasion for a child; the event is conducted in a Catholic Church and represents the beginning of a significant milestone in a child’s spiritual walk.

First Communion Gifts are a wonderful way to help the child recall this event. Online sites are fabulous places where the Gift buyers can check for exceptional ideas that go beyond the conventional prayer book or Bible.

These gifts can vary in prices and can be handmade or custom designed. Friends and Family shopping for Gifts for First Communion may find it tricky to choose a gift for the second grader.

First Communion Gifts can range from Religious, traditional, modern to personalized keepsakes.
One of the benefits of choosing personalized keepsakes is that there is very little possibility of the same item being chosen by somebody else.

Children appreciate picture frames or photo albums, so a personalized frame that may include a personalized scripture verse or a poem with space for a photograph of the special day is a wonderful communion gift idea.

Gifts such as snow globes, musical angels or other small sculptures can make the sweet memory of First Communion all the more serene. Bibles, Prayer books, Mass books and other religious-themed books are a few other traditional and popular gift choices.

Another likely gift, particularly for a boy, is a small holy medal on a chain or a scapular that is laminated. A gift basket for either a boy or girl can be a combination of goodies like cakes or cookies that are covered with white chocolate and decorated with edible crosses or chalices.

Children also like First Communion teddy bear that is usually white, a rosary box, and a lace-dressed doll that has hair color similar to that of the child.

A rosary is a string of beads that is used in praying; it comprises of five sets of beads, which helps in counting prayers while they are recited. The rosary beads can be customized and comes in an assortment of shapes and colors.

These are easily available at catholic or online stores and even non-religious shops. The rosary cases can be made of leather, velvet or satin box, purse or pouch. These can also be personalized with the name of the child and date of the First communion.

These are some of the fabulous first communion gift ideas.The gifts must acknowledge the significance of the day and be selected as a special memento that can be treasured for a lifetime.