UK Holidays – The Holiday Park Option

UK holiday parks probably conjures up ideas of Butlins and people people in red coats, to many this seems like an absolute nightmare and in the 1980s Butlins and these other types of holiday parks really did earn themselves a bad reputation. Although Butlins and Haven holiday parks do exist still – in a somewhat different format – there are also many other types of holiday park in the UK which can make a fantastic venue for a family holiday or for a long weekend break with a group of friends.

Holiday parks in the UK vary in size from having just 20 accommodation units all the way up to 300, you’ll find a holiday park in most areas of the UK and regardless of where you live you can be sure that you are within an hour of driving of one. Many of these holiday parks offer a choice of accommodation – and it is not the old prefab 1970s type. Most parks comprise of static caravans, log cabins and lodges – the type you choose to stay in will probably be driven by your budget.

Static caravans are the cheapest of all the types of accommodation you can choose to stay in, log cabins and lodges and more towards the top end. Having said that though you do get varying levels of the accommodation and more often than not the amount of people that sleeps will dictate the cost of it.

Holiday accommodation on these parks will sleep between two and 10 people if you are taking a family there is not much you can do to reduce the cost of the accommodation, if you’re going with a group of friends though then obviously the cost of the accommodation can be split between you. It actually means that the less than £50 you can have a week long log cabin break which is outstanding value for money. If you choose one of the larger holiday parks in the UK you find will that they have excellent facilities including restaurants, cafes and bars to drink at in the evenings.