Try Something Different for Your Next Party: The Chocolate Fountain

What kind of dessert are you going to have at your next big event? Maybe you are looking for a cool wedding idea. How much more can you do with cakes and pies! Think outside the box and be different from everybody else. Check into getting and using a chocolate fountain. You’ve probably seen one of these before. People have a blast with them and of course love the chocolate treats. And even if they don’t like chocolate (strange people) they can enjoy the other goodies on the table without dipping into the chocolate.

Now, having pointed out the positive side, there is a potential negative side. Remember Murphy’s Laws. Things can go wrong. And if you are not prepared and if you don’t know what you doing, you could wind up with a huge mess on your hands.

Here are some ideas to prevent your party from turning into a disaster with chocolate all over the place. While you might be looking for inexpensive chocolate fountain rentals, you still want to know what you are doing.

When people dip their pieces of fruit into the cascading chocolate, it will be very drippy. That is unless you freeze the stuff beforehand. Cut the fruit up into small pieces, place on trays and put in the freezer a couple of hours before the party. Now when your guests dip the pieces under the warm chocolate, the chocolate will turn hard and not drip.

If you don’t or aren’t able to freeze the food beforehand, you’ve got to ready for the messes. And even with frozen food you are going to have some messes. So first you don’t want to use a cloth tablecloth. It will get chocolate on it! Use something that looks nice but is plastic and can be easily cleaned. Of course, you’ll have napkins out and also those little clear plastic plates are good to use. As you know chocolate is sticky so you might want to have something like Wet Ones nearby too.

While most of the time guests use toothpicks to pick out their food choices to dip in the chocolate, some foods are hard to get hold of that way. And some foods are crumbly and shouldn’t be dipped at all. You don’t want a bunch of food pieces in the chocolate. It doesn’t look very good at that point and could even get into the pump and cause some problems there. Fingers may be alright for some of the food items like this but for a more special occasion spoons are in order.

Semi-dark and dark chocolate are good choices to use when the good choices are sweet. For non-sweets you could mix those with a milk chocolate. Two fountains might be more than you can swing, so you might have to choose between the two. You don’t see white chocolate being used that much but it is very much enjoyed when used. Of course, you are talking a price level up at that point. For something very special it could be worth it.

Finally, if you have an uncouth uncle Bill, you may want to have a sign that says no double dipping. Better bet still is to have an attendant there. Small children need a little more assistance and you don’t one of them sticking their hand in the chocolate or titled over the chocolate fountain. That would bring the party to a quick and abrupt end. Better be safe than sorry.