Stiff Neck? Try a Neck Pillow Tonight

I got into a bus accident, back in high school. I was on the bus to school, and the car in-front was hit! Fortunately, nobody in the car had injuries, but a few us in the bus were hurt. Nobody in the bus wore seat belts, so we were quite lucky none of the injuries were serious. I had a bad case of whiplash, myself. After that, I underwent a long physical therapy, but my neck still has its problems. Until now, I am still using a neck pillow whenever I go to sleep, travel, or to just watch TV.

I wish I wasn’t suffering from this neck pain, neck pillows help me get really comfy. I rely so much on these pillows to keep my neck aligned while I relax. I have different types of these pillows around.

Neck Support Pillow – I use this type for relaxing, while reading books, or just watching TV. It’s quite important for me to support my neck if I am going to be sitting for a long time. I also use it for work at home.

Cervical Neck Pillow – I use this pillow when I go to sleep. It’s the best thing to use when you sleep on your back or on your side. This gives great support to your neck or cervical spine. They can be a bit uncomfortable the first time you use it, but when you get used to it, they can be your best sleeping friends.

Inflatable Neck Pillow – I use this one when I travel. An inflatable pillow is perfect if you’re travelling light.
Travel Neck Pillow – A plush pillow that is almost the same size as an inflatable pillow. I use it over weekend trips. It gives great support during those long road trips! I can even use the pillow when I arrive.

I wouldn’t get all these pillows if I didn’t have this neck problem; however, I am really grateful for them because they help me preserve my posture. They can also help with your snoring!