Top outdoors toys for kids

With summer already in the air, it is time to take your kids out in the open and let them enjoy sun. Rather than leaving them to just run around, you can buy some outdoors toys that are made for such occasions. To help you in your purchase, here are some of the best outdoor toys for toddlers that are under USD50.

Step2 Sand & Water Transportation Station: For families who don’t live near beaches, this is the next best thing for your kid. It is a table that have two different play sections. One is filled with water and the other is filled with sand. The different areas create more diverse playing experience and with the additional toys that comes with the set such as train cars, boats, funnels etc, it will keep your children entertained for a long while. If you are worried about the children bringing sand into the house, you can always choose to fill the table with only water or colored beans. Overall, this is one of the cheapest toy for such types of play tables.

Funny Little CarLittle Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set: For the sporty kids, this is a perfect toy for the outdoors. Using safe plastic materials to make the bats and the betting station, children can play with these to develop their motor skills as well as eye to hand coordination. However, due to the weight of the bats, it is more suitable for toddlers that are at least 1.5 years old. Anybody younger might not have the strength to swing the bat.
Bakugan Gundalian Invaders: Bakugan is the latest toy craze after Pokemon and will be something that your children will enjoy especially if they are fans of the anime. This new line of Bakugan toys comes with additional backpacks that children can switch around to create different looks and functions for their Bakugan pets. With these toys being small and portable, kids can easily take tto the garden and have fun.