When Looking At Toddler Beds Keep This In Mind

For children that are having a hard time adjusting to an adult size bed, but are able to climb in and out of their crib without help then a baby toddler bed may just be for you. Toddler beds come in a variety of designs and styles providing safety and security for your child.

Toddler beds are for children around 3 years of age and under 50 pounds. The most economical and convenient toddler bed furniture is a convertible crib. It can be used as a crib and then a toddler bed, after which time you can add a headboard and footboard for a full size bed. This allows the purchase of a single bed for the child to use throughout their life.

If you do not want him or her to have the same bed that long then look at all the other options available. Toddler daybeds are a wonderful choice because they are similar in size to the bed the child is already using yet are a miniature version of an adult bed so allow for some growth.

You can also go with a toddler bed that has the favorite character of your childs. Priced quite well they run around $50, without a mattress or bedding and are made of plastic that has to be assembled. There is a character around the headboard on the railings and on the bed itself. You can get a princess toddler bed for you little girl or a fire engine toddler bed for your little boy.

As with adult beds you can get a toddler bed made of wood resembling an adult bed some that has clearance under it. This is great if the space is kind of small and you want to create some extra space for storage. Using a trundle drawer you can put the sheets, clothes , toys or anything else under the bed.

One of the best ways to help your child make the transition from crib to toddler bed is by allowing him or her to make the decision on what they would like. Some toddlers are not ready for the move to an adult sized bed and this is the perfect solution to start that important move when they are to small for an adult bed and to big for a crib. Toddler beds will help to keep them safe from falling and yet provide more room and sleeping area to grow in.