Tips to Learn Spanish Fast

There are any number of reasons for wanting to learn Spanish – from getting ready for an upcoming trip or getting a leg up on your job-hunting competition to just wanting to know a foreign language for the fun of it. However, whatever your reason, you are not a kid anymore and that adult brain makes it more difficult. But with these great tips will help you learn Spanish fast.

First, see if a Spanish language course at your local community college fits your busy schedule. A formal course with lessons, homework, interaction with students and the expertise of a teacher definitely make learning a new language easier than trying to do it on your own.

But don’t stop there – a great supplement to a course is doing home study with the help of a Spanish language software program. Most of these language learning programs can help you fine tune your speaking accent with the use of voice recognition capabilities. This alone is a great confidence builder. And if you cannot find or fit a formal course into your schedule, some Spanish software are so comprehensive that if you get a great one, you can teach yourself.

Buy Spanish flashcards to make use of extra minutes you have during the day that otherwise would go to waste, like when waiting in line or commuting on a bus or train. Carry 20 or 30 cards with you and you can easily test yourself and reinforce tricky Spanish words or conjugations.

Another great tip you may not have thought of is to watch Spanish language movies and programs on TV. Listening to Spanish spoken by native speakers from many different Spanish speaking regions will help train your ear. And you’ll be surprised with how much you can figure out watching the news in Spanish because with its visuals and graphics, you can usually figure out what the news story is about and that makes it easier to make more sense of unfamiliar Spanish words. And definitely catch some telenovelas – if nothing else, they’re a lot of fun! Put these tips into use and you are sure to learn Spanish fast.