Tips to Buying A Safety Stair Gate

Safety gates are one of the first purchases of many parents-to-be, as well as they are found in the homes of most toddlers.  For multiple story homes, safety gates designed for staircases offer vital protection against falling and climbing accidents.  Many options are available for the parent consumer to choose from, but there are several questions to consider when making such a purchase.  Different types of gates offer different convenience options.  Some gates open from one side, while others from the middle.  They can be made from plastic, metal or wood. Gate fasteners are also crucial safety features to consider when shopping around, as some locks are easy for children to learn how to operate.

Size is one of the primary concerns parents need to consider when choosing such a safety device. Spaces within the gate should not be large enough which would allow a child’s head to get stuck, or allow them to squeeze through.  This would apply to all styles of gates.  For safety gates regarding stairways, it is also very important to get correct measurements of the stairwell ensuring the proper fit once the gate is installed.

behind barsAnother important consideration is the installation process.  Some gates must be installed in a semi-permanent fashion, involving screwing them to the wall by drilling holes and fastening into brackets.  This obviously requires a little more time for installation, but provides less opportunity for slippage. For most types of walls it is critical to locate the stud in order to properly secure the screws into the wall. Otherwise the gate may be subject to pulling free with too much applied pressure.  For stairway use, those which have to be installed in this manner are generally a little sturdier. Other styles are simply pressure mounted, and are more versatile since they can be moved from location to location as needed.

Plastic, wood or metal are generally used in the construction of these child stair safety gates.  Knowing which will work best simply takes a little research.  Metal is typically somewhat sturdier, but is less forgiving when little ones bump their heads on it.  Wood and plastic gates are only slightly less sturdy, but these may not be the best options for the little one who takes to teething on them.

Parents are the first line of defense for keeping their children safe.  With a bit of research, good common sense, and some shopping around, parents can find the best stair gate safety that will work for them.