Tips for getting your kids to eat their vegetables

We all have memories of our mother’s saying it at least once, “Eat your vegetables.” How uncool we thought. But, when the tables are turned and we’re the parents, we find ourselves saying similar things. But, often it doesn’t work. Kids hide the vegetables or throw such a fit we give up and walk away from the table. Getting kids to eat their vegetables doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth, it just requires being firm and making a routine.
To get your children to eat their veggies, you might have to change your life up a bit. You’ll have to eat your veggies too! Children learn by watching their parents. If you eat up all your veggies and make sure to get 3 to 5 servings a day, your kids will think it’s the natural thing to do.
Starting early with a healthy diet for children, one that includes lots of vegetables is important. It’s what the child gets used to. It’s harder to break bad habits then to make a new good habit. So, start as early as possible.
Introduce many different types of vegetables to your child, not only is it good for them physically, but eventually they’ll find at least something they like.
Don’t let kids have the options of eating other things besides what the rest of the family is eating. If they eat everything else on their plate and are still hungry, don’t cave and let them fill up on something else that’s out of the ordinary. They’ll learn that they don’t always have to eat them.
Getting your kids to eat their vegetables means not wavering and sticking to a routine. This also means being consistent. Eat lots of vegetables yourself and introduce your children to many different kinds of vegetables. It’s okay if they don’t like one once in awhile. Don’t force them to eat every kind of vegetable if they can’t stand one or two but will eat many other kinds.