Tips for Energy Efficient Home

We can’t deny that this world is getting hotter. This is the main reason why we always turn on the dial of our air conditioners such as the aircon of our car and of course our home. So much so, we make it to the point that our fridges is filled will cold drinks that are perfect for the very hot weather. By doing all these, we fail to realize that our electric bills are soaring high. Skyrocketing electric bills entail huge amount of money that isn’t part of our projected budget. Therefore, we should really find alternatives before are bills soar high to the point that we can hardly pay for it. Now, it is time to cut down electric bills while keeping a cool home through the following the simple tips that work.

Switch and be innovative. I know that you will find it impractical not to use the air con in this hot world. It is more practical if you minimize the use of air conditioners through switching in to electric fans. Turn on the dial of your air conditioners for about an hour then switch to electric fan after. Or you may be innovative and still gets the same coolness without turning on your air conditioner. Fill a bowl with plenty of ice and place it in front of the electric fan. It will give you the same coolness that your air conditioner is giving you.

Tweedledee and TweedledumAnother great idea is through painting your home with light colours. I know that you notice it often that you feel hot when you wear clothes in dark colour especially black. This is because dark colours absorb heat. Therefore, painting your home with dark colours will absorb heat and it will make your home hotter. It is ideal that you paint your home with light colours because it only reflects heat. Your house will become cooler if you paint the exterior with white and the interior with light colours.

It is also advisable that you cross ventilate through opening windows on the windward so that the natural breeze blowing in to your home is your source of coolness that turning your air con on. It is indeed nice to take advantage of the natural breeze as much as possible for you to have the natural coolness and save money as well. You should also ensure that your windows have screens in order to keep mosquitoes out. But, if your home is near asphalt roads, then, it is better to have the magic of ice and fan than opening your windows. Opening windows near asphalt roads will just bring in the heat the asphalt road absorb and retain.

Lastly, you should part and drape your curtains to the side using tie backs. Drawing your curtain to the side will bring in the natural breeze inside your home. You may also change the curtains you have to light coloured like the duck egg blue curtains or faux silk duck egg blue curtains. These type of curtains will help give your home extra coolness.