Why Give In To Tinkerbell Bedding?

If you have a young daughter and an eye for interior design, you may be quite fed up with her constant obsession for all things sugary pink. You may be hoping that one day you will be able to create a sophisticated room you can be proud of rather than a den full of fairies. Also, if you have to create a pink bedroom, you might rather do it yourself than buy printed Disney Tinkerbell bedding that is not quite what you have in mind for a beautiful fairy palace theme.

However there are reasons to give into your daughter’s request for a bedding set like this if she loves the Tinkerbell character.

For one thing, the Tinkerbell bedding will remind her of the characteristics of the fairy who is not anyone’s passive female and it will give your daughter a role model, who is confident and who does not suffer fools gladly. You will make her feel that her desires and wishes count in her room and that her tastes and choices are to be respected rather than ignored. She will not be afraid to express what she wants in future, which may be the case if she is afraid that what she wants will not get approval.

If you give in to the desire for Tinkerbell at this stage, remember it is not forever! Kids grow faster than you expect and their likes and dislikes change along with the years. As she grows out of her love for pink and fairies, your daughter will soon enough grow to love other styles and designs but will still look back on her fairy bedroom as something she loved at the time and which you helped her with and took a delight in.

Enjoy your time together looking at the various options available and provide gentle guidance and suggestions without overriding all her choices. You can have such fun shopping together if you put your inner interior designer to one side and just look at those things your daughter loves so that you can create a Tinkerbell bedroom that delights her even if it would not be your choice.