Time Management Techniques For The Woman Who Needs To Do It All

For today’s working mother, time management techniques are a godsend. Trying to juggle work with children, home care, a husband or partner and friends seems impossible at times. How many women wish they had a few more hours in the day to get everything done? Inevitably, what ends up being neglected is the crucial “me” time that a woman needs to keep her body healthy and her mind sane. A few basic techniques for time management, however, can make a huge difference in how you allocate those precious hours.

The first thing you need to do is prioritize! It is amazing how much time people can waste even when they are really busy and do not seem to have a single moment to stop and take a breath. Writing down your priorities and dividing them into daily and weekly tasks can help; when you see something on paper it can help put it into perspective. Write down what you must do every day, and every week. This may be tasks like going to work, taking the kids to baseball practice and dong the weekly shopping. Next, make another list of those things you would like to do, such as going to the gym, having a coffee with a friend and finishing the book that has been sitting on your nightstand for several weeks.

You should then take a step back and analyze your two lists. Looking at the list of “must-dos”, ask yourself whether they are all things that really must be done. Ask yourself what would happen if you did not do it. Would other people (whose opinions you value) agree that these are all “must do” activities? Obviously, going to work is a necessity. However, even tasks like taking your kids to school may not be a daily requirement. Think about how you can get away with not doing some of the tasks on your “must do” list. This does not mean letting your kids stay off school! Perhaps you could chat to a friend who also has kids at the same school, and work out a schedule for taking all the children to school on certain days? This may mean leaving home a half hour earlier on some days of the week to pick up the other kids, but if this saves you an hour on the days the other parent is doing the drop off, you are making much more effective use of your time.

When it comes to sharing duties, extend this practice to your spouse and children. Techniques of time management come down to organization as well as delegation. Decide at the beginning of each week what each family member is going to be responsible for during that week. Invest in a large white board and create a timetable so that each person can see what they need to do. Create a rewards system for your kids to encourage them to help out more; this needn’t mean buying them treats–completing all their tasks for the week could mean staying up an hour later at the weekend or even being in charge of the remote control for an evening. If you make it fun, they will be happy to get involved.

Work at home moms in particular often finds it difficult to manage their time effectively. Because they do not leave the house to go to work, they find their working time being used to deal with household tasks. With proper management time can be theirs again.