Throwing a Baby Shower without Spending Too Much

Organizing a baby shower can cost quite much. It is wise to determine the budget first before you start the planning phase. The location, the food to be served, decorations, and the invitation are determined by the budget. If it is not that much, don’t make it a major concern because you can still have a successful shower even with a meager budget.

Plan Ahead of Time

Planning ahead of time will enable you find cheaper alternatives. Instead of renting a place for the venue, you can ask a friend if you can have it in their covered lawn or perhaps in any spacious room. Additionally, you can plan to prepare the foods by yourself or with the assistance of your friends. Those would significantly cut down the expenses.

Select a Theme That Would Not Entail Too Much Props

Choose a theme that does require too much decoration for it to be emphasized but would still bring an impact and set the mood of the party. It can be as simple selecting a blue or pink motif if you already know the gender of the baby. You can then just put balloons or confetti according to the chosen color. However, it is still important to take into consideration the expectant mother’s ideas on how she wants to the party to be.

Don’t Spend Too Much on Invitations

Invitations can cost a lot if you will have someone to do them for you, like having them from print shops. The layout fee plus the commercial printing would cost you a considerable amount. Sending them through email is also not a good idea as not all people check their inbox from time to time. The most cost-effective solution for invitations is to score free printable baby shower invitations online. You can select among various templates available a design that matches your chosen theme. With the use of your home printer and with a set of special paper, simply print and send them to the chosen guests.

Prepare an Inexpensive Menu

Foods in a baby shower don’t have to be grand. In events such as this, finger foods, cakes, and tea or punch are usually served, not full meals. Despite that, you should still focus much of your budget to food especially if you have more than twenty guests.

Throwing a baby shower does not cost much if you know where to allocate your budget. Always bear in mind that there are always cheaper alternatives such getting a free baby shower invites instead having them done in a print shop.