Three Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

For women planning to have their first baby, the wait for that first pregnancy to begin can be very stressful. Even when you have have been careful to time your lovemaking to mostly occur at the best time in your menstrual cycle, it can take months before a pregnancy begins. In the meantime, women, and their partners, can start to worry that they may be infertile. In their excitement they can also be falsely convinced by some kind of physical symptoms they have that the pregnancy has started, only to be disappointed when a new menstrual cycle begins. If you are trying to conceive your first new born baby, here are  three very early signs of pregnancy that are very reliable.

The first sign is breast tenderness. If you notice your breasts are swollen, tender, or sore at certain times, such as when you are getting dressed or taking a shower, this is a very good indicator that you are pregnant. When you get pregnant, your breasts start to get ready to produce milk and this makes them much more sensitive. The nipples may feel especially sore.

The second sign is frequent urination. The reason for this is that pregnancy creates additional fluids that your kidneys and bladder need to deal with, and your uterus also swells and may apply pressure to your bladder. This symptom should remain fairly constant throughout your pregnancy.

The third sign is nausea and vomiting. This can come on suddenly, as early as one week into your pregnancy. It’s most common to feel queasiness in the morning, but it can occur later in the day, or even throughout the day. Luckily this symptom tends to go away after the first trimester.

If you experience all of these three very early signs of pregnancy, you can be pretty sure you’re going to have a baby! However, they are not foolproof, so if you still get your period again, don’t be discouraged. Remember that it is normal for conception to take a while to happen, and enjoy trying!