Therapy for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Although you may have thought you were ready to bear the barrage of symptoms that are associated with a pregnancy, you couldn’t have been more wrong. The frequency and severity of these symptoms, which can include regular bouts of morning sickness, are often difficult to appreciate until you’ve experienced them first hand.

A symptom that can catch expecting mothers by surprise is back pain. Short of researching who sells the Hitachi magic wand massager for cheap, they don’t know how to approach the problem. Believe it or not, it can occur well before any noticeable weight gain has occurred due to the developing baby. Furthermore, it can prolong until after the pregnancy depending on how much strain was put on the back muscles. There are several variables that work against your back when you first become pregnant. For one, an increase in the hormone present in your body known as progesterone is expected. This hormone facilitates the arrival of a baby by preparing the uterus as well as depressing the mother’s immune system.

Asi no va a querer salir...An increase in progesterone levels are directly responsible for increasing the likelihood of back pain as they promote the loosening of the muscles and ligaments within the back. Fortunately, there are simple ways to combat this condition without having revert to using medications that could potentially complicate your pregnancy. Looking online for inexpensive Hitachi magic wand attachment reviews to uncover the best massager attachments to cure back pain can be one way of going about things. However, you should first try some other strategies.

The most affordable solution is to get yourself a maternity pillow. These will improve your sleeping posture by improving weight distribution as you sleep. You can interlock your legs around these pillows and cradle them, while your stomach remains flat against the mattress. You will find these pillows widely available at discount chains like Walmart costing anywhere from $30-$50.

If changing your pillows out yields only moderate improvement, consider incorporating more exercise into your daily regimen. It doesn’t need to be anything intense either. Many women prefer to sign up for prenatal yoga, which emphasizes the strengthening of the back muscles and other areas that can spawn adverse symptoms during pregnancy. If you don’t have anyone to transport you too and from classes, consider buying at do-it-yourself guide. You can even research popular yoga poses online such as the bridge pose which can be performed with nothing more than an inexpensive yoga mat. Be sure to exercise some attentiveness as to not overexert yourself. You might end up pulling a muscle causing more pain, so don’t attempt anything that seems particularly risky. It’s advisable you perform any yoga routines while someone is at home to attend to you in case anything happens.