The Very Best of Pop-Onz Building System

One of the most distinguished toy lines that the toy company Fisher-Price ever came up with is the Fisher Price Pop Onz Building System or Pop Onz for short.  It is a building and construction learning system, the concept of which similar as that of the LEGO and the MEGA Bloks.  The main aim for this kind of toy is to improve the cognitive abilities of your child and to enhance the imagination and creativity that comes along in the learning process.  Construction toy sets like the Pop Onz will further develop the problem solving skills of the child at such a young age, for instance, children in the toddler stage.  The set comprises of standardized pieces of action blocks, silly character figures and basic blocks that forms into a specific design theme structure.

If you are looking for design themes and structures for the Pop Onz Building System then the following below are some of the most popular and well marketed types.  They are partly differentiated by the quality and the nature of features and functions (as well as specifications) which reflect the product price information.

  • Pop-Onz Building System Pop ‘N Twirl Building Table.  This specific Pop Onz type is distinctive for its obvious table design.  It is also musical in nature, incorporating three different musical tunes and a spinning action the moment you spend the button.  Even the youngest toddlers can truly find building this Pop Onz engaging and fun.  The product package comprises of 15 different pieces of action blocks, basic blocks and character blocks.  You can buy this at Amazon for more or less 38 USD.
  • Pop-Onz Building System Jungle Block Bucket.  This is a Fisher-Price building system that is built with the jungle bucket nature in mind.  The pop together pieces includes boat and jungle animal figures like lion, monkey, and toucan that you can stick on the bucket’s jungle lid.
  • Pop-Onz Building System Build ‘N Go Village.  Another design structure of the Pop Onz system, this simulates the village setting.  The product package comprises of building construction pieces, wall clock with moving clock hands, lampposts, and two local village figures to recreate an imaginative play setting for your child.  You also don’t have to worry about storing it because it comes with a storage bag which can also act as a large building surface.  You can buy this for as long as 50 USD and as expensive as 125 USD.
  • Pop-Onz Building System Build ‘N Stack City.  If there is a jungle and village setting, there is also a specially made pop onz to incorporate the setting in an urban setting.  Thus, you will find that this particular pop onz theme structure has the following building pieces – flag, hydrant, barricade and 2 town figures.  You can buy this for as cheap as 20 USD.