The Trading Card Game For Yugioh

The YuGiOh trading card game is quite popular in Japan and was named the top selling trading card game by Guinness World Records on July 7th 2009 after selling more than 22 billion cards across the globe. This trading card game, or TCG as it is more commonly known, was published and even developed by Konami.

Based on the fictional game by Kazuki Takahashi, this is the story of an average high school student named Yugi Mutou. He is given fragmented pieces of an ancient Egyptian puzzle by his grandfather and upon assembling them; he gets possessed by the 5000 year old spirit of an Egyptian Pharaoh who has lost his memory. In the Yu-Gi-Oh series, he battles many evils with his three friends to help the nameless Pharaoh find his identity and his memory.

There are various cards in the card deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The game follows the plot of the fictional game but with more balance and consistency as these needs to have a specific purpose for its players. The players or duelists play with cards just like the heroes would duel in the fictional game or the animated series. The Dark Magician Knight is one the various cards in the deck. It is said to be more of a collector’s card as it requires you to destroy a card for you to summon the dark magician knight. More often than not, you need to sacrifice the Dark Magician card itself to be able to summon this Knight. The Dark Magician Knight has attacking power of 2500 and though it appears that sacrificing a card o summon a powerful card is a good idea, duelists or card players should try and avoid this move. This is a card which is a must have in your deck but not for the powers attached to it, but for its face value and just to complete your deck. This is, by all means, a card which should be traded for with great care if you seriously wish to win the game against your opponent as this is an empty card which will not help you win the duel.