The Story Behind the Nativity

The word “nativity” is often associated with Christmas. If you ask the kids about the meaning of Christmas, they will probably tell you that it is about giving and receiving gifts. Yes, gifts have already become part of the tradition but Nativity or the Nativity of Jesus is actually the birth of Jesus of Nazareth as stated in the Christian bible. Since the birth of Jesus is celebrated on Christmas Day, the nativity pictures and figurines are usually used for decorations.

There are a lot of ways to portray the nativity. During Christmas some churches make it a point to do a stage play and re-enact what happened before and during the birth of Jesus Christ. Some also tell the story to the little kids during Sunday schools at church so that they will know the real reason for the celebration of the special day. It usually starts in the part where Mary, the mother of Jesus, conceived after being told by an angel that she will be the vessel of the Savior. She was nicknamed as the Virgin Mary since she conceived without going through the normal processes.  After traveling from Nazareth, they reached Bethlehem. Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger because there were no inns or homes that would accommodate them.

King Herod then asked three magis to search for the baby in order to offer gifts to him. He also told them to inform him if the baby is already located. As the magis traveled, each of them was warned about Herod’s real purpose by an angel in a dream. After they had found the baby they each presented their gifts and didn’t inform Herod. The rest, as they say, is history.

The static nativity scenes that are used for Christmas decoration are based on this story. The nativity scene depicts the story itself since a complete picture includes the 3 magis, the angel, Mary, Joseph, Jesus lying in a manger surrounded by farm animals. The Christians love to celebrate Christmas since it is the day when their Savior was born, and the people who used to be doomed because of their sins are saved due to Him.