The Small Kitchen and the Working Mom

Most working moms, whether they are working from home or at an office, will complain that one of their hardest tasks is maintaining tidiness and order at home simply because so much of their time is otherwise occupied. But if you are living in an apartment with a small kitchen, this can be much harder. The problem with small kitchens is that the lack of space makes them very cluttered, with little room to put anything.

To make life easier, here are some small kitchen ideas that may help you:

– Cut your kitchenware down to a minimum. Obviously that does not mean that you should not go without the things that you need, but get rid of unnecessary stuff like that hideous polka-dotted tea set that Aunt Elizabeth bought you and you never use or the kettle that you are going to fix one day but has been occupying space in the cupboard for about five years.
– Don’t store anything in the kitchen that doesn’t belong there or could be kept elsewhere. For instance, you may consider putting kitchen towels and tablecloths in another room. And you don’t need to try squashing your washing machine in there either. If you don’t have enough room for it, maybe put it in the bathroom or on the utility balcony.
– How about using other resources such as the walls for storage? If you have a high ceiling, you can add another tier of cupboards, going as far up as the ceiling. You could also hang some of the pots and pans on the walls in a country style. This gives the kitchen a certain mock Victorian charm – and at the same time it solves a space problem.
– Have you ever thought of foldaway furniture? These days, you can buy kitchen tables that can fold down completely or counters that can be raised or lowered according to usage. Such items are found on line or at any kitchen furniture store.
– Other kitchen ideas include a portable workstation trolley that can be wheeled in and out whenever extra space or preparation room is needed, or washing racks that can be pulled down or up when necessary.
– Make sure that everything in your kitchen has its own home because clutter left on countertops creates a major feeling of mess and disorganization. In the same vein, develop tidy habits. If you put away everything as you finish with it, this prevents the buildup of clutter. Never leave the washing up till tomorrow.
– To make your kitchen look somewhat larger, how about putting a mirror on one of the walls? A large mirror can make any room look and feel much bigger.
– Paint the walls and ceiling a bright color. Bright colors give a feeling of space, as opposed to darker shades that can make the room look more dingy.
– Play around with the lighting to find out what would make the room look larger and more impressive.

A little creativity – and your kitchen will not feel too small at all …