The Freeze Drying Process: Why Food Storage Meals Taste Gourmet

When many people think about food storage or freeze dried foods, they often assume that the food is dry and tasteless. However, today many top food storage companies are creating fantastically nutritious and delicious freeze dried meals. Believe it or not freeze dried food storage actually has a variety of gourmet meal options. Some families buy food storage meals and eat them on a daily basis because they offer nutritious great tasting meals that are quick and super easy to prepare.

The process of freeze drying greatly preserves the aroma, taste, texture, look, and vitamin richness of the original meals. Air drying actually damages food by shriveling it, changing the taste and texture, and depreciating the food’s original nutrients. With freeze drying, food storage meals are able to retain all of their original qualities once reconstituted. They’re freeze dried lightweight forms are suddenly and magically brought back to life just by adding water.

The freeze drying process uses dehydration to preserve perishable items. This can be anything from food to pharmaceuticals. Freeze drying removes about 98 percent of the water content from food which keeps it from spoiling. The food is easy to re-hydrate because during the freeze drying process tiny, microscopic pores are left on the food. The pores are created when ice crystals sublimate. The ice crystals are formed during the freeze drying process.

On top of being full of flavor and full of nutrients, food storage meals that have been freeze dried are great because they are easy to prepare, easy to store, and easy to transport. Many hikers use them because they are so simple to prepare and because they are lightweight which makes carrying food easy during long hikes. They are also used frequently after emergency situations and natural disasters when many other food sources have been wiped up.