The Three Trimesters of Pregnancy

Getting a positive on the pregnancy test can be one of the most exiting events in a woman and man’s life. This means a new child is going to be born, and you have 9 months to prepare. But before you lay birth to the child, you will be going through the pregnancy trimesters, and all three have there own challenges and rewards.

The first trimester of pregnancy is a period where you will most likely feel some changes to your body, albeit small compared to the next trimesters. You breast might feel sore, tender, or numb. Cramping can also occur, as your ligaments and muscles are stretched as your body prepares for the baby to grow. But the most well know first trimester of pregnancy symptom is morning sickness. Most women experience nausea during this period, although some do not have this problem at all.

When you move in to the second trimester at around week 13, you will probably feel a bit better than the weeks beforehand. The morning sickness has resided and you might feel a boost of energy and strength. Now is the time to get your diet and work out regime in order, so that you stay healthy and fit for you and your baby.

The third trimester is when all the fun starts, as far as pain and discomfort goes. When you near the date of birth you will probably have a hard time sleeping, and false contractions are common as well. You will probably feel tired and fatigued for just about anything you do, but this is usually normal due to the fact that you are carrying a child that now has a considerable weight compared to the earlier trimesters.

What to expect during pregnancy is something that will also be a bit individual from woman to woman. Some women go through pregnancy as though nothing out of the usual is happening, while others might have larger discomforts. It is important to consult with your doctor if you feel that you are experiencing symptoms that are out of the normal.