The Easiest Way to Teach a Child How to Ride a Bike

When you are trying to teach your child how to ride a bike conventional wisdom says to use training wheels. After all, this is how most of us learned to ride a bike. However, riding a bike with training wheels is not always as easy as it seems. Since most of us were very young when we learned to ride we have no real memories of how hard it can be. Training wheels are not always the best choice when teaching a child how to ride a bike.

When your child is riding a bike with training wheels they usually have to stick to hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. One sharp turn and they can end up on the ground with scraped knees. It can be very hard to convince a child to jump right back on and try again. The truth is, it can be very tough to learn to ride a bike because of all the different things the child is trying to remember. They must remember to keep their balance, pedal, steer, and watch out for obstacles. Sometimes this can just be overwhelming for a child.

So, if training wheels are not the answer what is? A kids balance bike is often just the thing to make the process of learning to ride a bike much smoother. This is a bike which has no pedals and is powered by the child walking or running while sitting on the seat. Once the child gets used to the bike they can pick up their feet and start gliding. Because balance is one of the hardest things to learn it allows the child to focus on this one task.

Every child is different; however, I think you’ll find if you start out on a balance bike learning to ride will be much easier. Balance bikes can even be used indoors to allow the child to practice during the winter. Even children as young as two years old can start out on a balance bike and be way ahead when it comes  time to move up to a real bike. There are a number of balance bike videos to help showcase just how to ride these bikes and how young the children can start.