The Downside of Birth Control Pills

The US Population has grown to becoming the third largest in the world and with the economic recession looming in front of us, more and more are wondering whether now is the right time to start a family. Those who have decided to wait a few years before having their first child usually turn to common birth control methods such as the pill. Since its introduction in the 1960’s, birth control pills still continue to be the most preferred choice in preventing unplanned pregnancy. Most women from across the globe have grown accustomed to using this oral contraceptives over other options primarily for their ease of use and availability.

There is no denying that birth control pills are effective ways to control when you start your family, but medical experts have seen and studied a number of birth control side effects on both the the body and the mind of the women who use them. Prolonged consumption of these pills can lead to a hormonal imbalance that can result in a number of physical and mental illnesses. Doctors recommend seeking medical help prior to popping these pills.

How Do Birth Control Pills Work?

Birth control pills are compacted with hormones that controls a woman’s ovulation process by preventing the fertilization of egg cells during their monthly menstrual cycle, this in turn would be make it close to impossible for them to get pregnant. In addition, the pills also has the capacity to thicken the cervix lining disallowing the male’s sperm cells to enter the uterus. It is a complex contraception process that requires a very simple mechanism, daily popping of pills.

What are the Adverse Effects of Birth Control Pills?

Though pills are undoubtedly effective at forestalling pregnancy, it can still however usher in a string of adverse effects that can affect a woman’s over all health and well being. The following are some of the conditions on why some women may face serious health risks in light of their oral contraceptives.

1.Smokers who are also pill takers are seen to have an increased susceptibility to acquiring some forms of cancer.

2.As we have an increasingly young sexually active population, young contraceptive pill takers run the risk of suffering from acne yeast infections.

3.Birth control pills also brings in the extra pounds as more women exhibit significant weight gain while consuming these pills.

4.Some women also manifest strong tendencies for cysts formation in their breast area, also seen as a result of prolonged use of birth control pills.

5.Other harsh effects of these oral contraceptive pills include blood clots, chest pains, shortness of breath, gall bladder disorder and heart problems.

The decision to rely on birth control spills should only be made after a careful evaluation of your body as well as the health risks involved with it and as such should be properly discussed between you and your doctor.