The Best Online Worlds for Tweens

The internet has come a long way in the past 30 years. Originally it was intended to be a tool for the United States military to quickly transfer information. As the technology  developed, it started to enter the consumer market. Since then the average age of internet users has become younger than ever, with even kids in the tween years beginning to regularly use Facebook and set up their own accounts in order to use online avatar games.  Instead of trying to prevent their use of the internet, allowing your tween controlled use of the internet can help them to learn how to safely use a computer.

3D avatar games are a favorite among tweens because they get to control a character that looks (to their minds) just like them, giving them an attachment to the character and letting them have fun without the dangers that are associated with unrestricted access to the internet. However, not all online worlds are created equal, and you should be careful about which one you allow your tween to explore.


IMVU is all about getting your tween child to socialize. The many chat rooms that are located inside this virtual 3D environment give your tween the chance to safely explore a world without fear of online predators or the dangesr that come with allowing them to explore the real world.  With IMVu your tween can hang out with his existing friends or explore the world and meet new friends  that share some of his interests. With IMVU, there is always somewhere new to go or someone new to meet.

Blue Mars

Blue Mars is a newer online world that attempts to use the latest video game technology in order to bring the most realistic graphics possible into the 3D world. Although this sounds like a good goal, the reality is that it takes a very powerful computer in order to smoothly run the game, making game play frustrating and difficult to enjoy.

Meet Me

Meet Me is a brand new Japanese world that caters towards the young teen and tween demographics. Although there are a lot of promises being made with this world, it is currently too small to be exciting for very long. Your tween may enjoy the time they spend exploring the world, but far too often this exploration will be limited by the lack of new places and people  to see and meet.