How to save money when buying for baby

When you have a baby you will probably expect to be spending a fair bit of money.  Most people want to get the best they can afford when it comes to their new and precious little one and rightly so, especially in cases where safety is concerned, for example with car seats.  (Always make sure that the car seat you buy can be verified for age and conformity to current safety standards.  This is one place not to skimp.)  Also as far as safety goes there is growing evidence that new cot mattresses are safer in terms of the gases that can be produced by moisture retained in second hand mattresses.  Obviously not everyone can afford new, but if you can, this is another good place not to skimp.  You can also think about getting a hammock, there are ones by the brand Amby, that babies can sleep in even up to their toddler years with the addition of the toddler-weight spring, which is not expensive.  A hammock with a stand can also serve as a portacot so you might be able to save there quite a bit if your baby takes to the hammock well, which most do when started in it from the early days. Baby crib bedding sets are another area where you want a few available and they are a great place to add some color and style to your nursery.

The biggest thing is probably formula, and breastfeeding is, quite possibly, one of the most simple ways to save money on formula – if you breastfeed, you don’t need to buy any formula!  Breastfeeding can be difficult to establish, I had a lot of trouble for several months in fact, but I was assisted by the local breastfeeding association and also by lactation consultants, both from the hospital and via seeking them privately though the phone book.  On the monetary saving alone, doing everything you can to exclusively breastfeed your child will be good for your family – not to mention the benefits of immunity, bonding, health benefits, benefits to the mother (breastfeeding lowers the mother’s risk of breast cancer later in life, they have found recently).

Anyway apart from formula savings by breastfeeding, probably the biggest other thing you can do is use cloth nappies.  There are many different kinds of modern cloth nappies, all fancy sorts, but it’s not necessary to use the whizz-bang ones all the time.  Honestly, I use terry nappies most of the time, except when we’re going out when I either use a disposable or a modern cloth nappy.  Terry towelling nappies are not hard to use, and they are cheap, easy to wash and dry, and easy to store.  I do highly recommend them for saving money when buying for baby.