Teaching Kids To Set The Kitchen Table

Kids seem to learn pretty fast these day’s, and teaching them the basics on how to set the kitchen table will be a asset for them in the future. If your a single mom or dad and need a little extra help around the house, or just to teach your kids a new and important skill they will eventually need to learn in life anyway, then follow these simple steps to teach them how. The younger the better even at the age of two they can learn to bring their serve-ware to the dinning table and set their own little dinning area, at this age you want to give them their own plastic utensils obviously for safety reasons. Make this time a fun time for them, children learn best in a fun environment so don’t make it a chore but something they will enjoy doing. If they choose to they may want to bring their favorite toy or doll to the table as well and they may want to set the kitchen table for their favorite toy. Don’t confuse them with placing too many cutlery, utensils and plates on the table just simply teach them the basics like one plate ,knife and fork,dessert plate and spoon , and one cup. Have everything ready before hand so you can hand each item one at a time for them to take to the table this will give them a good picture of what needs to be on the table when dinner or meal times come around again. This will also give them a idea of what needs to be set on the table for the next meal time. Tell them before you give each item what the purpose of that item is for such as ” this is for your dessert” or “this plate is for your salad” “and this cup is for drinking your juice” and so on. Over time your child will get use to the idea of setting the kitchen table and it will become instinctive and save you a lot less work in the future.