Tea Parties – Great Fun for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun creative activity, something you can do outside on a nice day or inside on a rainy day, an easy thing to do is to provide them with cups and saucers, some fun food items and throw a kids’ tea party! All children love make-believe play and they’ll often pretend to feed their dolls and teddy bears with imaginary food and drink without prompting. You can make the experience even more fun by providing real tea sets and inviting their friends over for a proper tea party complete with picnic food and drinks.

A tea party is something that’s easy to create both indoors and outdoors. Pack a picnic to the park on a sunny day or even just go out in your own back garden. If it’s raining and cold, don’t despair. Your kids will be just as happy to have a tea party on the carpet and will barely notice the difference.

You can buy childrens tea sets from many toy stores and specialist tea shops that sell tea sets for adults will often stock a children’s range too. Depending on how authentic you want the experience to be and how old or responsible your children are you can choose from unbreakable plastic or nicer (but more fragile) porcelain.

Hot liquids are probably not a great idea for younger children so provide juice instead – it’s just as fun to pour out of a tea pot! Tea party food is easy to buy or make and you can cater to your children’s tastes easily. Small sandwiches, crisps, cakes and biscuits all work well. Provide a fruit salad too to make the meal more balanced.

A tea party is a great fun alternative for a child’s birthday party or will brighten up any normal day so no need to wait for a special occasion.