They Are More Than Just Swingsets

Do you remember back to when you were a kid? Not a baby or a toddler, but when you first realized that being outside was a lot of fun. There were explorations to make, trouble to get into, and a certain amount of freedom you just did not have while sitting inside staring at four walls and a tv set. Energy was released in copious amounts. It was fun.

Little did we know that those trips to the park were more than just fun. It was so much more. All the running and exploration we did was exercise for the mind and the body. Of course, the first thing we did was head for the playground, with the slides, teeter-totters, and, of course, the swing set. Oh, the swingset. It was an adventure all unto itself. If we were lucky, we had a swing set of our own that our parents set up in the backyard.


Swing Sets

No one really gives the swingset the credit it deserves. To most adults, it is just a toy, something to keep the kids busy and allow them to burn off all that childhood energy. Still, the swing set it important for children of all ages. It provides a place for exercise, for the improvement of coordination, and the building of imagination.

Think about it. When your first got on a swing, it just sat there until someone gave you a push. Then you learned to make it swing by your own power and, though you didn’t realize it, you acquired the coordination necessary to make it go higher and higher. And finally, when you could make it go really high, you learned to time your jumps to leave the swing at its apex and land safely – though not without some initial frightening moments for your parents – on the ground. Once you learned to jump, you imagined you were flying – if only for a couple of brief seconds.

As we got older, they provided a place of quiet contemplation or comfortable conversation. We may have outgrown the swinging, but not the swing set.

Swingsets of today are not like they were thirty years ago. These days they are so much more. They provide so much more for the imagination while still providing plenty of exercise. Every home should have a swing set, one that lasts, because so many wonderful moments and discoveries can happen here.