Kids Electric, Push & Street Legal Scooters

Children dream of driving vehicles like the adults do and one of their favorite fantasies is to have some street legal scooters that can go as fast as cards. The great thing is, there are electric scooters out there that are safe to use and give them a little chunk of independence. Powered by onboard batteries, these scooters come in either two, three or four wheels. It is important, however, to get a scooter that is not too overpowered for Your child’s age. For example, a child under 5 years old shouldn’t have a powered version. Ages 5-10 should stay around or below a maximum speed limit of 10 miles per hour. You can get a more powerful model as your child grow and becomes more physically experienced

Young children do best with a three or four wheeled model. The additional wheels eliminate the need to balance which dramatically reduces the risk for falling. Although it might seem counterintuitive, young children do best without a built in seat. In the sitting position it can be awkward for them to control the vehicle and catch themselves if they were to fall. Start youngsters on a scooter that does not have any electric power. This puts them on their first steps toward learning the skills they need to manage faster speeds.

electric street legal scooter

electric street legal scooter

Electric models vary greatly in speed and capabilities. As your child progresses toward preteen years, they will naturally want a faster machine. Every child learns at a different rate, so it is up to the parent to decide when to increase speed. Speeds over fifteen miles per hour are not recommended for kids under 13 years of age. Turning the corner too fast or jolting out in front of oncoming traffic is a danger we should try to avoid. Kids also like to impress others with these scooters so they might attempt something unwise to show off. If you suspect these things are going on, then your child might not be a good candidate for a scooter.
Proper maintenance is important to keep the scooter safe. Check the air pressure about every week to make sure that it is filled properly. A semi-flat tire can cause the scooter to lose traction or disengage with the wheel. Lubricate the chain if you have one using bicycle oil. The oil keeps the chain from jamming and forms a protective coat against rust. If you have a belt driven system then you should check the belt every month for cracking to make sure that it is not degrading. The scooter manufacturer can provide replacements if needed.

When they are ready to upgrade to a true street legal scooter, there are many to choose from. They range from low powered toys to high end machines that can really travel on most roads.

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